Rapid and low-cost determination of the time waveform of an ultrashort light pulse


March 26, 2021

Background / Context / Abstract:

The conventional equipment to determine the time waveform of an ultrashort light pulse with an ultrahigh speed (picosecond order) has disadvantages of troublesome adjustment and much time consumption.

Technology Overview:

This system, into which a newly developed analysis program is incorporated, is capable of determining the time waveform of an ultrashort light pulse both rapidly and inexpensively through the connection of an existing light spectrum analyzer and a single light fiber.


· The operation is very easy.
· A time waveform can be determined within several seconds.
· A portable, maintenance-free model of the system has already been developed.

Potential Applications / Potential Markets:

The system improves the performance of micromachining for solar cells, medical laser treatment, microscopes, optical communication systems, and others when used to measure or regulate ultrashort light pulses.

State of Development / Opportunity / Seeking:

Available for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing

IP Status:

WO2013/125166(PCT applied in Japanese)


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