Shojiro NISHIO Co-Creation Bureau Executive Director / President, Osaka University

Since its establishment, Osaka University has been working with industry, academia, government and citizens and has produced a number of significant achievements through collaborative efforts. Building on this proud tradition, we have embarked on a “Co-creation” initiative to create new value for society through innovations. Attaining this formidable goal requires the involvement of many stakeholders. Please join us in Osaka University’s ambitious endeavor and scale new heights together.

Yasufumi KANEDA Co-Creation Bureau Vice Director / Senior Executive Vice President, Osaka University

Osaka University aims to contribute to the development of society and the world by creating social innovation to produce new social value. As university-industry collaboration to play a major role in creating social innovation, the university has pursued advanced approaches through establishment of the Joint Research Chairs and the Research Alliance Laboratories based around the TechnoAlliance building and implementation of investment business by OSAKA University Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (OUVC).

In order to develop these efforts, The Office for University-Industry Collaboration was reborn as the Office for Industry-University Co-creation in April 2017. The Office for Industry-University Co-creation will work collectively to enhance an environment for creating innovation so that it can serve as a hub for network-type industry-university co-creation beyond point-to-point industry-university collaboration. I’d like to ask for your kind understanding and continued support for the university.