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Osaka University Co-Creation Bureau

Shojiro Nishio
Shojiro Nishio
Director, Co-Creation Bureau
President, Osaka University

The roots of Osaka University reach back to Kaitokudo, a place of learning opened at the initiative of Osaka merchants in the 18th century, and Tekijuku, a school where bright and motivated young people gathered from various feudal domains to engage in Western studies in the 19th century. Osaka Imperial University, the forerunner of Osaka University, was established with the support of local business people, and, more importantly, in response to the enthusiastic demand from citizens. Thus, Osaka University was founded with the backing of society, to meet the demands of society. Looking back on these roots and looking forward to the celebration of our 100th anniversary in 2031, we established the Co-Creation Bureau in January 2018 as a core facility for collaboration between university and society under the motto, “University in Society, University for Society.”

The term “co-creation” represents our vision to work with society to create values together. We will endeavor to create new knowledge, nurture individuals, and promote innovation through co-creation efforts with a diverse range of stakeholders, including private companies, local governments, various groups, communities, universities, and citizens.

Osaka University has been working with external parties through three organizations: the Office for Industry-University Co-Creation, which is responsible for sharing the university’s world-leading research results with industries in Japan and abroad; the Office for Community-University Co-Creation, which aims to promote collaboration not only with industries, academia, and governmental agencies, but also with civil society at large; and the Office for Public Affairs, which supervises funding and the alumni networks of the university. Today, society is facing a number of serious problems stemming from complex interactions among human, social and natural factors, and universities must combine their strengths across faculties to address such problems. At Osaka University, the Co-Creation Bureau centrally controls such university-wide efforts, by supervising the above three organizations and serving as a contact point for society.

Osaka University’s joint projects with external parties, especially with private companies, have been either company-driven projects to conduct joint research based on the companies’ proposals to meet their needs, or university-led projects in which companies are asked to fund the university’s fundamental research. Going forward, we will promote, in addition to such projects, co-creation-type projects in which the university and external parties work together to explore needs, match the needs with our seeds, and strengthen the partnerships. Prospective partners in our co-creation efforts are not limited to Japanese and foreign companies, but include all members of society, including national and local governments, economic organizations, NPOs, citizens, international institutions and universities. In so doing, we aim to achieve an optimal combination of knowledge, human resources and funds available in society and the university, and to grow together with society.

We have renewed this website to offer more information on the activities and other details of the Co-Creation Bureau, which serves as a central contact point. We welcome your requests and comments.

With the Co-Creation Bureau as an engine that drives Osaka University to take action and achieve its missions, we will proactively strengthen our partnerships with society and enhance our research and educational prowess in order to become a world-leading innovative university that contributes to social reforms.



Office for Industry-University Co-creation and
University Advancement

Osaka University established the Joint Research Chair and the Research Alliance Laboratories ahead of other Japanese universities, and has since been leading Private-Public Innovation Program. Building on this track record, we have launched a new initiative to promote cutting-edge innovation through co-creation efforts. To be specific, we will organically collaborate with the Office for Community-University Co-Creation and the Liaison Office for Osaka University Funds to discover new research seeds, nurture innovators, ensure appropriate management and administration of intellectual property, form research bases, and promote industry-university cooperation globally, thereby developing co-creation-based collaborative relationships. In doing so, we aim to facilitate “co-creation-oriented collaboration” focusing on innovation.

Office for Community-University Co-Creation

The Office for Community-University Co-Creation was founded from the following four organizations: Kaitokudo for the 21st Century; The Museum of Osaka University; The Tekijuku Commemoration Center; and The Osaka University Archives. Its purpose is to enable Osaka University to better respond to the needs of society through its activities and accelerate its contribution to society.
The Office for Community-University Co-Creation is designed to open the university not only to industry, government, and academia, but also to civil society at large, as “a locale of knowledgeable discourse,” and to promote interactions among various stakeholders. We are determined to newly integrate the academic knowledge possessed by the university with society, so that we can better contribute to the well-being of local communities and the global society.

Public Relations Office

In April 2018, the Public Relations Office was newly opened in the Co-Creation Bureau. Comprised of staff from each department within the Bureau, the Public Relations Office is responsible for communicating the activities and specialties of the Bureau, and responding to requests and comments made both internally and externally. It is also tasked with managing this website. In November 2018, the Public Relations Office will organize an event titled “Osaka University Symposium: Co-Creation Festival” in commemoration of the foundation of the Co-Creation Bureau in Suita City in Osaka where the Administration Bureau of Osaka University is located. More information on this event will be published on this website and elsewhere as soon as determined. We look forward to your participation.


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