Novel Neuropathic Pain Treatment to Inhibit Pain Signaling


January 4, 2021

Blockade of Netrin-4, FLRT3 or Rob4–Unc5B signaling in the spinal cord prevents neuropathic pain after nerve injury

Key Word : Neuropathic pain, Netrin-4, FLRT3, Rob4–Unc5B

Technology Overview:

Osaka University researchers have identified new molecular mechanisms in the spinal cord contributing to neuropathic pain. Netrin-4, FLRT3 or other one molecule ‘M1’ -induced pain signaling is mediated by Unc5B receptor, and it brings on neuropathic pain. Inhibition of Netrin-4-Unc5B / FLRT3-Unc5B or Robo4(M1)-Unc5B signals may prove to be as an efficient strategy for the treatment of neuropathic pain.


・New therapeutic approach to neuropathic pain
・Netrin-4 , FLRT3 or Rob4 and Unc5B can be a therapeutic target of antibody, siRNA, or small molecule drug via intrathecal administration

Further Details:

Dorsal horn interneuron-derived Netrin-4 contributes to spinal sensitization in chronic pain via Unc5B (

Potential Applications / Potential Markets:

・New drugs for neuropathic pain treatment

State of Development / Opportunity / Seeking:

・Available for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing
・Exclusive/non-exclusive evaluation for defined period (set up for options)
・Collaborative/supportive research
・Development partner

IP Status:

1.WO2015/025770 (National phase EP, US, JP)
2.WO2016/129627  (National phase EP, US, JP)
3.WO2017/126655 (PCT applied in Japanese)



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