Low temperature direct bonding technology for silver sintering and aluminum substrate


April 28, 2022

Technology Overview:

(a) Development of low cost, high thermal conductivity (300 W/m·K) silver sintered material
(b) Direct bonding with aluminum substrate by low temperature, silver sintering bonding without pressure and with no metallization
(c) Large area bonding with Al heat sink by silver sintered bonding

Potential Applications / Potential Markets:

We have developed a direct bonding technology for the bonding of an aluminum substrate and aluminum heat sink structure with silver sintered heat dissipation material that ensures operation even in the high temperature range of 200 to 300°C to which WBG power devices are exposed. In addition to electric vehicles, which are a major focus today, it is also expected to have great potential in the IoT flexible electronic device field, post-5G, aerospace fields, etc.

State of Development / Opportunity / Seeking:

・Available for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing
・Exclusive/non-exclusive evaluation for defined period (set up for options)
・Collaborative/supportive research

1. Development partner
2. Licensing 

IP Status:

National phase  US, JP


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