Plant-based adsorbent capable of selectively adsorbing and removing halogenated aromatic compounds in organic media


April 7, 2022


We have created a plant-based adsorbent that can selectively adsorb harmful halogenated aromatic compounds contained in organic media, such as oils, and that enables the easy decomposition and disposal of only the halogenated aromatic compounds by removing these halogenated aromatic compounds from organic media or concentrating them. Further, by packing this absorbent into a column and combining it with a system that passes the organic medium through this column, we have established a method of selectively recovering halogenated aromatic compounds contained in organic media thereby achieving a high recovery rate of organic media that do not contain halogenated aromatic compounds.


Water, Food

Benefits Description:

In industries where organic media containing harmful halogenated aromatic compounds, such as dioxins and polychlorobiphenyls, must be stored, this technology enables the safe and efficient decomposition and disposal of these harmful compounds and saves the space required to store the organic media.
Further, by using this adsorbent, these harmful compounds can be efficiently removed from cooking oils containing harmful fatty acids, such as trans fatty acids and glycidol fatty acid esters, thereby contributing to the supply of safer cooking oil.

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Registration Japan 5532359 Patent
Registration Republic of Korea 101437252 Patent
Registration China 102762294 Patent
Publication WIPO PCT 2011/102346 Patent

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